Video Gallery

From Few Panels Come Many Homes

Eco-Panels is the leading technology pioneer in the world of residential modular construction. With just a small menu of panel types, you can build an almost infinite variety of different home designs. All of our panels are Styrene-free for your family’s health and safety.

Large Home Time-lapse

This a wonderful time-lapse video put together by an owner builder client who hired a builder (most owner builder clients still hire a builder) to erect first floor wall panels of quite a large home.

Foam Burn Test

This is a demonstration we give on factory tours showing the application of a 3,600ºF torch flame to one inch of our foam insulation. This foam will never melt, unlike EPS (polystyrene) foam, and when it chars over you see it protects itself.

Habitat Home Time-lapse

Eco-Panels offers large discounts for non-profit housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. We say we create “Affordable Living”™ not just affordable housing. The exterior panel skin is Huber ZIP System®.

International Disaster Housing

Eco-Panels has shipped entire housing kits windows, doors, etc. for international relief operations. These are medical quarantine housing units (duplex) delivered through US State Department sanctioned relief efforts. Each unit erected in a day by untrained local laborers.

Tiny House Time-lapse

Here we see a tiny house being erected in someone’s backyard. Exterior siding is LP Smartside Panel® with grooves and interior panel skin is furniture grade plywood.

Demonstration of Passive Cooling using Eco-Panels

This video shows the Passive Cooling benefits of Eco-Panels.  With a panel in the sun at 138ºF, and the concrete slab floor at 61ºF, the Eco-Panels keep the heat out and allow the interior wall temperature to be 67ºF.

Government Communications Center

This is a builder-created timelapse showing the erection of a government facility having the LP Smartside Panel® – 10’ tall – as the finished exterior siding. Batten strips are later applied.

WNC Dobson Home

The owner provided a timelapse video showing the erection of wall panels for 1,200 sqft home in one morning. Note how the shadows recede across the home as the sun rises.