About Eco-Panels

With clients ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Caribbean, from New Zealand to Africa, and from the National Park Service to the NC Indian Housing Authority, Eco-Panels is a North Carolina manufacturer of the most advanced polyurethane filled structural insulated panels, or SIPs, on the market today. Also known as sandwich panels, architectural panels or stressed skin panels, these panels are comprised of an interior and exterior siding material sandwiching an internal layer of foam insulation. Eco-Panels helps to eliminate much of the time and guesswork associated with proper framing and insulation techniques by connecting together quickly on the jobsite to provide a strong, safe and efficient thermal envelope for your home or commercial building. Today we are applying more than 15 different siding materials to our panels to offer a broad selection of finished material for both the residential and commercial markets.  In 2011 the National Institutes of Health listed Styrene right alongside Formaldehyde in its 12th Report on Carcinogens, so recognizing both health and safety concerns Eco-Panels will only use polyurethane foam in our panels, containing zero styrenes, formaldehydes or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

With construction and home energy efficiency professionals on staff we take a systemic approach to the design and construction of a home or commercial facility, viewing the structure as a collection of systems that must work efficiently together. We can assist you in defining the “thermal envelope” of your structure to better leverage the capabilities of our panels – from a structural, safety and thermal perspective – to work with your system and therefore ultimately provide you with a healthier, stronger and safer home or building with a lower cost of ownership.